Fabolous is at it again, using his Twitter page to start beef with another musician -- this time it's Bow Wow. The Brooklyn-bred emcee, who is known for his comedic tweets, took a trending topic Bow Wow made about his teeth a little too seriously, unleashing a flurry of angry posts towards the young rapper.

Although Bow Wow's comments started out playful, it quickly escalated out of control. Fab wasted no time starting the trending topic 'I heard Bow Wow ... ,' making fun of Bow's height and career, amongst other things. "[I heard Bow Wow] doesn't hav[e] a piece on his chain, he has a Bo Bo (pacifier)!" He wrote. "[I heard Bow Wow] is the new toy u get in a McDonalds Happy Meal!"

Bow struck back taunting Fab via his own Twitter page and his vlog. "Countin' money for Fabs medical bill on that tooth," Bow wrote. He also encouraged his followers to get on the battle. "RT [Retweet] THIS!!!!! #heardbowwow got all of Fabs info ... and is bout to leak it on twitter."

The two continued to post comments about one another for a full day but ended on what seems to be a truce. According to Bow's tweets, his war with Fab was all in good fun.

This isn't the first time that Fab has used his Twitter page to address a discrepancy with an artist. Earlier this month Fab posted a series of tweets against rapper T-Pain in response to what he believed T-Pain had said about him on his own page. As it turns out the T-Pain page was ran by an imposter. Fab later apologized to T-Pain.