Rapper Bow Wow left an alarmingly candid message Tuesday, revealing his depression, The 22-year-old wrote of his unhappiness via his Twitter page.

"Man I be [getting] bored [with] life," Bow wrote. "I wish I [never] did and seen [everything] so soon. I have [nothing] to look forward 2. I'm down more than I am happy...in a dark place! Goodbye."

Ironically, this post came on the same day when most (if not all) of the world was mourning the loss of music icon Michael Jackson, whose public memorial aired Tuesday.

The post has since been removed and replaced with the more optimistic: "I'M 'BOUT TO GO LIIIIIVE!!!!!" written earlier this morning.

This isn't the first time that Bow has turned to his Twitter page to express his feelings. He recently wrote about his disdain towards his birth father. Additionally the rap star also twittered that he wanted out of his contract with longtime label Columbia Records. He has since been released from the label.

Following the less than stellar sales of his latest 'New Jack City Part 2' album, Bow announced that he was retiring from music to focus on his acting career. He currently has two films in post-production and will reprise his roll on the HBO series 'Entourage,' appearing later this month.