Up-and-coming Chicago-area rapper Boss Status Duke was found dead inside a home recording studio after he was reported missing nearly three weeks ago.

CBS Chicago reports that Riverdale police did find the rapper’s body in the basement of the home on Monday night (Dec. 5). Boss Status Duke, whose real name is Jeremy Dixon, was reported missing on Nov. 17 following a shooting at the home. Police have launched a "shooting" investigation and claim that they did search the home at the time.

“This is just too much, and unacceptable,” said Jonathan Armstrong, Dixon's father. “Never did I ever imagine that he was going to be at the place where this happened at three weeks ago."

Armstrong said that he launched his own search party looking for his son. He checked vacant buildings, apartments and houses. “I’ve even had guys out here with four-wheelers,” he said.

Armstrong is questioning if police even attempted to enter the property to search for his son. He has requested a review of the original investigation. If police did make a mistake in the investigation, “they just need to talk to my lawyer at this point,” Armstrong said.

Boss Status Duke was a local rapper who set to release his new mixtape, Welcome 2 Bandland, before his death. In November, he dropped a new video for "Do Ya Thing," which you can watch below.

Watch Boss Status's "Do Ya Thing" Video