Borgore, a DJ-producer from Tel Aviv, Israel, has released his fifth EP, 'Flex,' and has created some visuals that are far from work appropriate to support the title track's video.

The clip, directed by Richard Farmer, finds Borgore starring in a spoof that plays off of the excess in rap videos. The DJ steps from behind the turntables and serves some rhymes while a voluptuous woman shakes her derriere in fishnet stockings and another gyrates on the hood of a station wagon.

"The lyrics are so crazy we made one of the strippers feel uncomfortable. Nothing sounds outrageous anymore, so we just have to step up the level a bit... Standard," Borgore tells The BoomBox.

Besides releasing his offensively funny 'Flex' video and its accompanying EP, which can be downloaded for free, the 24-year-old is embarking on a new tour that sees him at 44 venues spanning Europe and the U.S. For dates, locations and tickets, visit Borgore's site here.

Watch Borgore's 'Flex' Video (NSFW)

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