New Orleans rapper Lil Boosie is facing 20 years in prison for marijuana possession and a mandatory minimum of five years for a weapons charge, but he hasn't let it get him down.

"It's making me more focused on my music. I got a big trial coming up," said the 26 year-old Boosie Bad Azz. "Police putting false statements in reports, trying to corrupt the judge. It's just getting me more focused. The more you go through, the more gonna come out. I'm just worrying about the music."

Boosie was recently accused of attempting to bribe one of the arresting officers in the October, 2008 bust which resulted in his weed and weapons charges. However, Boosie's attorney is seeking to the suppress physical evidence and statements made by the rapper at the scene, claiming that the police failed to give his client a field sobriety test, and thus anything said at the time may have been the result of his intoxication.

Lil Boosie's trial is scheduled of Sept. 28, a little over a week after the release of his much-anticipated album 'SuperBad,' which drops Sept. 15, featuring Bobby Valentino, Young Jeezy and frequent collaborator Webbie.

Though Boosie is likely to be incarcerated in the near future, his fans keep him maintain hope. "I got a big following. My fans love me so much," he explained. "I get that 'hood love, 20 [thousand] to 25 [thousand] a show every weekend. I'm a big factor down South." We hope his case goes well, Boosie's great.