Boosie Badazz is cancer-free and opening up about the ordeal that almost took his life.

After being released from a two-year bid in jail, Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer. It was an ill twist of fate and the rhymer was angry.

"Yeah, I was pissed off," he said in an interview with XXL. "I don’t like to question God but I really asked him why. Why it’s always me to go through these serious situations; not no petty s---. But I just prayed to God and was like he put me through this to make me stronger again. It’s just another obstacle I’m going to overcome. But I was questioning him and that’s not something I am supposed to do. But damn, kidney cancer, man? I was hurt; I cried, bro. I’m a strong person but I was hurt. I was like, 'damn bro.'"

Luckily, Badazz pulled through and was able to remove the cancerous cells from his kidney through surgery. Boosie also took the time to talk about his collaboration with Young Thug for "F--- Cancer." He doesn't drop a rhyme on it, but he appears in the touching visual.

"[Young] Thug hit me like, “I got this record and we need to come to the house and shoot the video, It’s called ‘F--- Cancer.’” I be down, I don’t be doing s--- at the crib, so I was like bring the crew. He said he going to bring an ambulance, so I said bring everything, let’s do it," he said.

His collaboration tape with the incarcerated C-Murder is also underway with a release date in April or late May according to Badazz.