There's no doubt that Boosie Badazz has dealt with his fair share of adversity, but he's managed to come out of it pretty much intact by showing resiliency, and he talks about it on his new song 'Like a Man' featuring Rich Homie Quan.

He also documents his struggles trying to get in the game.

"When kids was playing with unicorns, I was washing cars trying to blow / Take a loss, get up and shake it off, and water whip the coke / No shoo-shooin', no not Boosie to your face I'll let you know / Treat a queen like a queen and a ho like a ho," he raps.

Meanwhile, Quan takes somewhat of a philosophical approach and tries to define what a man really is.

"First and foremost, what's your definition of a man / They call yall lil money, that don't make that boy no man / I be sitting here counting these racks all day, got it hard for me to stand...And i don't need no crutches, tell the ho bring them dutches / Hit her from the back, got the p---- screaming like oooh, oooh, oooh, was a virgin 'til I got my first p---- like a man," he croons.

Presumably, 'Like a Man' will be on Boosie's 'Touched Down to Cause Hell' album. There's still no word whether it'll be released in the fourth quarter or next year.

Listen to Boosie Badazz's 'Like a Man' Feat. Rich Homie Quan