Who: Paris Hilton
What: Paris -- in sparkles and a giant champagne glass -- performed with the Pussycat Dolls at Sin City's ultra-posh Pure Nightclub.
Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: February 17, 2008

The first boom boxes were introduced by various companies in the late 1970s, when stereo capabilities were added to existing designs of radio-cassette recorder which had appeared earlier that decade; more powerful and sophisticated models were subsequently introduced. However, they are often associated with 1980s phenomena such as breakdancing and hip hop culture, having been introduced into the mainstream consciousness through music videos, television and documentaries. It was during this time that the major manufacturers competed as to who could produced the biggest, loudest, clearest-sounding, bassiest, flashiest and/or most novel boomboxes. Although as the decade progressed manufacturers tended to compete more on price (often at the expense of quality) and smaller designs (often designed for simple background listening) became more popular