Nineties rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony are setting their differences aside and talking about reunited. The five-man act will have to wait for original member Flesh-n-Bone to finish doing an 11-year bid, but founding member Krayzie Bone is confident that the group's return is just a month away. "Flesh will be home July 10th, he's supposed to be getting out. Bizzy was at one of last shows in Riverside [California]. We had a good conversation there," Krayzie said in a recent interview.

According to Krayzie, the group is ready and willing to begin working on a comeback record, but aware that the record label issues could prove to be a bit of a hurdle. "We all just been hibernating, trying to come up with the concept for the album," Krayzie said. "It's definitely going down. I ain't gonna say its 100 percent just because of the label situation and the technical stuff, like if the label wants to pay what we deserve. As far as bone as group and us, we together. It ain't just a rumor... We are trying to put it all back together for real."