Bon Qui Qui is back. After being ditched by her fast-food job at King Burger, the rap alter ego of comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes returns to music with her debut album, 'Gold Plated Dreams.'

Fans of MADtv will know Bon Qui Qui for her sassy, over-the-top persona and threats to "cut" people. In her world, she was fired from King Burger and has worked many odd jobs, only to lose them all. Her mission now is to dominate the hip-hop world through comedic parody rap.

'Gold Plated Dreams,' which arrived Jan. 20, comes on the heels of Bon's first rap single, 'I’m a Cut You.' The song takes on many hip-hop clichés and, as the title promises, is about cutting someone.

Anjelah is a former professional cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. In 2009, she recorded her first one-hour special for Comedy Central, 'That’s How We Do It.' Her 'Nail Salon' bit has gone viral with over 33 million views on YouTube. She has guest starred on shows including 'Ugly Betty' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'

Watch Bon Qui Qui's 'I'ma Cut You' Video

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