Boldy James has earned a lot of attention in the past year, particularly for his critically-acclaimed album, 'My 1st Chemistry Set,' produced by the Alchemist. Fresh off a major co-sign from Nas, who brought James onstage to perform during the Mass Appeal showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, it's interesting to see the Detroit, Mich., rapper revisit his single 'Come Here' from last year's 'Grand Quarters' EP for a new music video.

The Block Beattaz-produced track features heavy use of Auto-Tune and is far different from the grimy formula James is typically associated with up to this point in his career. In fact, the song sees his rhyme partner Peechie Green deliver more of the in-your-face style that is expected from James. But despite the radio-friendly aesthetic, James continues to cover his familiar subject matter.

"Talking so many pounds, not to mention them brickies / Ain't have time to break it down cause we sold 'em so quickly / Had to buy another house, they was onto the splizzy / More bounce to the ounce, now I'm on with that rizzy," he raps.

You can purchase Boldy James' 'Grand Quarters' EP on iTunes. And if you haven't already, do yourself a favor by purchasing his 'My 1st Chemistry Set' album, in stores now.