For many rappers, trying to balance work and life at home can be incredibly difficult. Not to mention making time for friends and putting effort into having a social life.

That's the visual premise for 'Going to D.R.,' Bodega Bamz's new track produced by The Martinez Brothers. The cut will appear on their joint EP, 'Sunday Service,' slated for release July 1.

The Johnny Rose-directed video opens with the Harlem, N.Y., rapper and the sibling producers working inside a home studio. Inside, Bamz must deal with the issue of satisfying wifey's desires to travel to the Dominican Republic. However, as you can tell from the clip, she's not happy with the outcome.

The Tanboys leader seems reluctant to go on the trip because he has much to do -- there's no time for vacation when you're focused on rising to the top. That of course makes his girlfriend very upset. To top it off, Bamz leaves the studio to go cruise around town with his friends in a Rolls Royce.

As far as the actual song, it contains some pretty sharp lines, and the rapper uses a similar flow reminiscent of old school Busta Rhymes.

"Sleeping with nine millis 'cause I don't need a dream / If music don't cut it you know I'm going back to fiends / They love me in Harlem throughout the Bronx straight to Queens / Either status supreme I bring the matics with beams," spits the MC.

If the rest of 'Sunday Service' sounds anything like this joint or the song 'F--- Dat S---,' featuring Raekwon, we're all in for a pretty solid EP.