When we last saw Bodega Bamz, he was training for a fight in a very gritty atmosphere for his 'Mi Casa' visual. He's came up a little bit since then apparently, as he's wearing a mink in his latest video for 'Don Francisco.'

The Spanish Harlem, N.Y., MC raps over a '50's Celia Cruz sample as he poses next to beautiful women, plays dominoes and stands in a moving drop-top while rapping lines like, "I'm Pitbull and I'm Tego / With the hoes like Don Francisco / I'm live O when I'm Big Pun /
All in a pot, little Sazon / Mix it all around, and Bodega's what you got."

The concept of the video, directed by Pacool and co-directed by Mike H & Ohla, probably has a lot to do with the song's title, which is named after the famed host of the Chilean show 'Sabado Gigante,' which is the longest-running variety show in the world. It's also known for the beautiful women the host often has alongside him.

'Don Francisco' is a cut off his 'Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z' mixtape, which dropped in October 2012. The rapper is currently working on a follow-up to the project, to be released later this year.