Bad news for Bobby Shmurda. The "Hot N----" rapper's court date got postponed to May.

Shmurda was supposed to start his trial next month but now he'll have to wait until May 11 to see the judge. But in the meantime, since his $2 million bail was denied, he's continuing to plead his case for innocence.

"So, they're trying to hold me in for like three or four years," said Shmurda in an interview with Thisis50. "And then try to give me time served or something but they don't got nothing on me. I'm not even supposed to still be here. I got several lawyers maintaining my case that's saying that the bail is supposed to be dropped and these charges are supposed to be dropped."

Shmurda was arrested in December 2014 on conspiracy, gun and drug charges with a possible seven year sentence looming over his head. But according to the 21-year-old, the District Attorney has it all wrong.

"The bail is not even supposed to be high due to the Emory Law Book," said Shmurda. "But they violating my constitutional rights. They violating my civil rights that they are just flushing it down the toilet for their own political reasons."

As for his suspended beef with 50 Cent -- Shmurda is letting bygones be bygones.

"I don't do the rap beef...I don't got time for all of that," he said. "First of all, I'm in jail. How I'ma beef with someone when I'm in jail?"

Fair point, Shmurda.