Bobby Shmurda, whose rap anthem “Hot N----” put him on the map in 2014, remains incarcerated in New York’s Rikers Island, facing a series of charges ranging from weapons to drug possession while his Billboard-chart topping hit lives on. The Brooklyn MC’s lawyer Kenneth Montgomery has a theory as to why his client is still in prison.

“It’s my opinion that Bobby Shmurda was made an example of,” Montgomery told Doggie Diamonds TV in an exclusive interview. “Whenever you have a prosecutor send out pressers before they make an arrest and a 'perp walk' then there is something else going on.”

Bobby has been custody since December 2014, after he and several members of his GS9 crew were arrested in New York, following an ongoing police investigation.

Since the rhymer has been incarcerated, the #FreeBobbyShmurda movement has been going strong but according to Montgomery, not all of Bobby’s so-called supporters can do much. “You know it’s funny… he and his co-defendants definitely have a support group of people that are from the '90s era who are at every court date strong,” Montgomery confirmed. “But the names and all of that stuff [no rappers] have reached out. To be honest I really don’t think any of these rappers have any money so what are the really going to do?”

Montgomery even divulged his sentiments on other rappers performing “Hot N---a.” French Montana most recently added the song to his 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam set. “No I don’t think its fair [that artists are performing his song],” Mongomery explained. “His work product is creative revenue that somehow he can’t access. I don’t know for sure, I’m not his entertainment attorney, but I would take a good guess that he’s probably in the black concerning the selling of his songs.”

It looks like Bobby may agree with Montgomery on the monetary end. He recently told Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning in a phone interview from prison that he wants 50 Cent to manage him.

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