In recent months, Larry King has been doing interviews with some of hip-hop and R&B's most intriguing figures like Trey Songz and Tyler the Creator. He does get kudos for making the sit-downs genuinely engaging instead of displays of cross-generational awkwardness. At 80, the journalist still has his limitations when it comes to pop culture. The ubiquitous Shmoney dance -- made popular by Brooklyn, N.Y., rapper Bobby Shmurda -- is one of them.

King teamed up with Collab during Social Media Week in Los Angeles for a panel called  “Let’s Get Larry King Trending On Vine." The goal was exactly what the title implies.

"So Larry, when did you first get on Vine?" asks KC James.

"A week ago!" an enthusiastic King says. And thus begins the Shmoney Dance, performed by an auditorium of cheering men and women. Bobby Shmurda's 'Hot N----' plays in the background.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., native (he shares the same hometown as Bobby) appears utterly confused once the crowd goes wild, making it clear that almost 60 years in the game doesn't quite prepare you for everything.

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