It's been several months since Bobby Shmurda's 'Hot N----' took over radio and the Internet. Just when you thought the song reached the end of its popularity, the rapper took it to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where he performed his usual brand of animated dancing.

Rocking jeans, a blue T-shirt and a baseball cap, the Brooklyn rhymer, who was accompanied by GS9 crew member Rowdy Rebel, performed with confidence. And by only having two backup dancers -- instead of his whole crew onstage -- it's apparent that Shmurda is trying to give audiences a better show.

Clearly, the crowd enjoyed the performance, as people jumped and waved their hands in excitement, proving that a hardcore street anthem has mass appeal when it's put behind a fun and danceable track.

The audience was anticipating the Shmoney dance, which has become as popular as the Harlem Shake was back in the day. So there were a few screams heard once Shmurda started bopping back and forth.

Next up for Shmurda, he'll be heading to the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans on Dec. 13, where he'll be performing songs off his newly released EP, 'Shmurda She Wrote.'

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