Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston may no longer be married but that hasn't stopped the former New Edition member from supporting his ex-wife as she battles substance abuse.

Earlier this month, Houston enrolled in an outpatient rehabilitation program in California to combat her lengthy struggle with drugs and alcohol. While Brown has a new engagement to his manager Alicia Etheridge to focus on, the 42-year-old crooner is thinking positively about Houston's recovery.

"I haven't spoken to her yet, but Whitney is a great person and a strong woman, so I expect the best from her," he told Flavour magazine. "I wish her all of my love and all the greatness that she is. I just wish her the best."

Brown and Houston divorced in 2007, after experiencing a highly publicized 15-year marriage of ups and downs. Though the pop songstress is seeking treatment for her addictions, the 'My Prerogative' hitmaker is celebrating his sobriety. "I'm definitely in a better place in my life," Brown told the Boombox. "Six years sober from drugs. I'm just really grateful that I can get off the heroin, the crack, the coke.

Back in March, the former couple's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 18, faced a drug scandal much like those her parents' have been involved in throughout their career. Tabloid paper the National Enquirer featured photos of Bobbi Kristina appearing to be snorting cocaine. While the media had a frenzy with the reports, she denied using the drug and claimed a person who was once close to her set her up to make it look like she was sniffing the illegal drug.

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