With the recent announcement of New Edition's reunion, R&B chanteur Bobby Brown is planning on beefing up his resume. The singer is currently working on a crime film based on the Gambino crime-family members known as the Demeo Crew, conceiving the flick with mob-related rapper Tony Testa.

The untitled movie is said to draw from Testa's experiences with his Brooklyn family and their connection to the Demeo Crew. The story will focus on his Uncle Patty and how he moved from the Gambino squad to the Lucchese family, later getting murdered in 1992. Brown and Testa have begun looking for a cast for the film, landing Armand Assante for an unnamed role and in talks with 'The Sopranos' actor Joe Gannascoli and Chuck Zito.

Brown is no stranger to Hollywood. He has appeared in films including 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,' 'Panther,' 'Nora's Hair Salon' and its sequel and 'Ghostbusters II,' where he played the mayor's doorman.

He is currently on tour with New Edition members Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill, though he's focusing on promoting his latest solo release 'The Masterpiece.' Last week, he revealed that New Edition has reunited and is planning to record a new album, as well as take the show on the road with an upcoming tour.

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