First came word Bobby Brown was shopping a tell-all book about his time with late ex-wife Whitney Houston. Now, Vibe reports, the singer and perennial tabloid figure is going one better and trying to sell Hollywood on a movie based on his life.

Brown reportedly penned the biopic with cowriter Michael Pinckney back in 2011, but the pair was unable to drum up interest. Whitney's death in February has likely made the project more attractive, and the writers are said to be tweaking the script to include the singer's untimely passing.

Bearing the title 'The Bad Boy of R&B,' the film "is a classic tale of R&B sensation Bobby Brown's meteoric rise from humble beginnings in Boston to the top of the R&B and Pop charts," according to a synopsis obtained by Vibe.

"His struggle with drugs, alcohol, women and a troubled marriage is a rocky journey and an inspirational one," the plot summary continues. "One of hope redemption and the power of the human spirit."

Pickney says he and Brown are envisioning a modern version of 'Ray,' and while there are similarities between Brown and Ray Charles -- drug addiction, lady trouble, etc. -- the latter was a respected icon widely regarded as a musical genius. Brown, not so much. He may yet travel a road to redemption, but his name remains mud in most circles. Timeliness notwithstanding, this screenplay could be a hard sell.

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