Earlier this week, news of Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina having a romantic relationship with her "adopted brother" Nick Gordon surfaced. Gordon was reportedly taken in by Houston several years ago, where she raised him in the family's Atlanta home. No legal paperwork has been uncovered detailing an official adoption but word that Bobbi Kristina publicly displaying affection towards Gordon has raised eyebrows for outsiders, who believe the two had a brother-sister bond rather than an intimate one.

PEOPLE magazine reports that the 18-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Houston and 22-year-old Gordon have been spotted around Atlanta cozying up in Starbucks locations and kissing in public. They locked lips and held hands while eating pizza at a location in the southern city on March 13.

A close family friend who has witnessed the situation reveals that the pair have been more than "family members" for quite some time. "I have always felt there was some interest beyond a platonic interest in each other," the source says. "It appears to me that Nippy [Houston's nickname] either didn't see it or didn't want to address it."

Apparently Gordon's been using his Twitter page to disclose photos of himself and Bobbi Kristina. He states to his followers that the two are grieving over her mother's passing. "We're just close – just going through her mom's passing and grieving together."

However, critics are harsh and have bashed him for his relationship with Houston's only daughter. "Yea we got a little closer and what!!!" he writes. "All the haters that dont know us or th real story can't un follow me."

Whitney Houston died inside a room at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on Feb. 11. She was 48.

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