B.o.B. spews some psychotic rhymes on "Out of My Mind," his Nicki Minaj-assisted track featured on his forthcoming sophomore album Strange Clouds, due May 1.

The Atlanta rhymer commences the song with his southern-dipped flow. "I'm outta my fucking mind, out of my fucking my mind," he spits. "I'm outta my fucking mind, gee golly, oh my/ I was doing fine once upon a time/ Until my brain left and didn't say bye."

Nicki shows up in her usual animated style. "You know I graduated summa cum laude/ That's why they thinkin' I'm Illuminati," Minaj delivers. "And matter fact let's kiss and make up, I'll help you escape from my blue Ducati."

Besides the Queens-bred MC, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Morgan Freeman, among others, join B.o.B. on his sophomore release.

Check the Strange Clouds tracklist below.

1. "Bombs Away," feat. Morgan Freeman

2. "Ray Bands"

3. "So Hard to Breathe"

4. "Both of Us," feat. Taylor Swift

5. "Strange Clouds," feat. Lil Wayne

6. "So Good"

7. "Play for Keeps"

8. "Arena," feat. Chris Brown and T.I.

9. "Out of My Mind," feat. Nicki Minaj

10. "Never Let You Go," feat. Ryan Tedder

11. "Chandelier," Lauriana Mae

12. "Circles"

13. "Just a Sign," feat. Playboy Tre

14. "Castles," feat. Trey Songz

15. "Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)"

Listen to B.o.B.'s "Out of My Mind"

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