Pittsburgh's Boaz is one hard body emcee. Today he released a new track, 'Psycho Killa,' which gets right to the source of what makes him mad in 2013.

While Boaz takes the second verse, he gets the aid of Sean Price and Illa Ghee for the first and third verse, respectively. Both are excellent choices for the song. P declares himself "the epitome of rap" on the track; who is going to dispute that? Meanwhile, Illa Ghee is, simply put, ridiculous. "Shoot a crowd of babies, I f---ed a bitch with rabies," he says. Ouch. Regardless, all three verses go excellently with the gutter !llmind instrumental, which features added instrumentation from Hippie Sabotage.

Boaz is gearing up to drop both a mixtape and an album this year. No further information is available on either project, but stay tuned.