At long last, photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z's infant daughter Blue Ivy Carter have been revealed.

While entertainment news outlets and magazines jockeyed to premiere snapshots of the world's most famous baby, the couple opted instead to reveal Blue Ivy to the world via a public tumblr with five photos depicting the proud mom and dad cradling their beautiful newborn, a closeup of her tiny hand, a closeup of her face (showing a clear resemblance to mom and dad) and a photo of Blue Ivy sound asleep.

"We welcome you to share on our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives," reads the handwritten text accompanying the photos.

Blue Ivy is just a month old and has already been immortalized in song, tweeted about by rival rappers, and had her name trademarked for "baby carriages, baby cosmetics and diaper bags."

Who do you think she most closely resembles?

Watch 'Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Carter Pictures'

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Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Carter Pictures

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