Black Thought continues to be a lyrical beast; destroying his latest track, "Making a Murderer" featuring Styles P.

"I'm just trying to get it on 'til I die / Am I wrong if I'm living like the laws don't apply / Making music out of nothing / Know that boy is bonafide / It's disturbing when a murderer enjoys homicide," raps Black Thought in a verse that's likely to send emcees collectively back to their rhyme books.

But it's 9th Wonder's bombastic beat that pulls it altogether and sets the stage for The Roots frontman to show that he can rumble with the best emcees.

The track likely grabs its name from the Netflix documentary of the same time. But, unlike the film's protagonist, Black Thought is certainly guilty -- of slaying rhymes. And Twitter agrees.

"That 9th Wonder Black Thought and Styles P just gave me life today," read one tweet while another exclaimed "WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!"

In an interview with Ambrosia For Heads, 9th Wonder spoke about putting the track together. “We had been going back and forth for a while about it… we decided to just do music. No haggle, no hassle, just to do some music. Beats and rhymes…..that’s it. Doing what we love. I’m honored, for real.” And we're glad that it happened.

One thing is for sure -- we would certainly love to see a collaboration album between the two. We're thinking Black Wonder. But while we continue to hope for the best, check out the track and see how tweeters are going bonkers over the song below.

Listen to Black Thought's "Making a Murderer" Feat. Styles P (Prod. 9th Wonder)