Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are set to tie the knot and potentially torture the Kardashain/Jenners with their bizarre-but-blissful love, and we're reflecting on our adoration for one half of the relationship. After a failed engagement to rapper Tyga, Chyna has re-emerged, reinvigorated her image and rehabilitated her new man.

The stripper-turned-socialite is a now mainstream sensation who people just can't stop talking about. Whether it's her farcical fake parts, her social media antics or that extremely random (but shockingly sweet) relationship of hers, we're enthralled and eagerly observing Chyna's "Made for TV" life.

Does anyone else smell a Kardashian style spinoff?

We'd watch--would you? Here are 10 things we love about Blac Chyna.

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    She's an entrepreneur

    Lashed ✨

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    Chyna currently offers lash extensions, makeup, teeth whitening, body waxing, brow tinting at her California Lashed by Blac Chyna store in California. She also sells her signature larger than life lashes online

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    She's helped Rob

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    It's no secret that before Rob Kardashian started dating Chyna he was a bit of a recluse and a diabetic struggling to get control of his weight. Now he's reportedly 40 pounds lighter and looks elated to be seen out and about with his bodacious new boo.

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    Her best friend is Amber Rose

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    With Blac Chyna comes her bestie Amber Rose and who doesn't love Amber Rose? Former exotic dancers/rapper exes Chyna and Amber are thick as thieves and often share their carefree fun (and twerking) on social media.

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    She's petty.

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    Let's not act like Chyna's coupledom with Rob Kardashian wasn't a part of a masterfully petty Kardashian revenge plot. After a teenage Kylie Jenner took her then boyfriend/baby's father Tyga, Chyna's been firing not so subtle shots at Kim K's little sis.

    Fast forward to now and she's officially about to join the Kardashian family as Angela "Blac Chyna" Kardashian and NO ONE in the family seems thrilled. Check mate!

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    She's a proud mom!

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    Chyna is the proud mother to King Cairo, her son with Tyga. The socialite often shares photos and videos of herself spending quality time with her pride and joy.

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    Her Snapchat is LIFE!

    Snap - BlacChynaLA & Tippietoebrat @Paigeeethebrat

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    If you're addicted to Snap stories, Chyna is a must-follow. She's easily one of the most entertaining celebs on the app and gives followers a daily dose of her interesting life ranging from her Future tattoo removal, her "family" trips with Cairo and Rob and her cooking.

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    She can cook.

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    She's a trendsetter.


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    After randomly tattooing rapper Future's name on her hand during their very brief relationship, Chy mocked the outrage over it with the #BlacChynaSharpie challenge. The hashtag spoof has now jumped to over 14,000 posts from influenced fans.

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    She's not afraid to go natural.

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    She's anti-slut shaming.

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    Like her bestie Amber, Blac Chyna believes in a woman's right to not be judged by her actual or perceived sexual prowess. She made that quite clear when she showed up to the 2015 VMAs in this brazenly anti-slut shaming attire.