Brian To, FilmMagic

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Bizzy Bone has inked a new deal with D.C.-based label Sumerian Records to release his fifteenth solo album, 'Crossroads 2010,' which is now slated to be a heavy metal and hip-hop mash-up.

The album--originally intended for release on Sphinx City Records--is Bizzy's first foray into the world of heavy metal. According to label founder Ash Avildsen, the digital record will debut online July 27, followed by an official August 24 release. Avildsen confirmed Bizzy's new record deal in a statement to AllHipHop, explaining that it was his most "polished" album since his 1998 debut 'Heaven'z Movie,' which was followed by a series of underground albums.

"It's true and the album is incredible," Avildsen said. "Anyone who has closely followed the label knows that we have never been one dimensional in the bands we have signed and the records we have released. While we have been making a meaningful impact on the current state of heavy music, the true theme to Sumerian has always been about progressive music, not just metal. Bizzy Bone is one of the most progressive vocalists I have ever heard."

Bizzy Bone recently joined the cast of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,' after admitting that he struggles with marijuana and alcohol abuse.