Birdman may be getting some respek now after his Breakfast Club fiasco, but a clothing designer is looking for some respek when comes to the word he trademarked.

According to TMZ, an entrepreneur named JV has threatened to sue Birdman over the word “respek.” Apparently, the designer trademarked the word back in 2005 and have been using it to sell baseball hats through his website,

JV is upset that Birdman was able to cash in on his infamous “Put some respek on it” rant with his clothing line of T-shirts, hats and hoodies.

JV’s attorney has sent a letter to the Cash Money Records CEO stating that his clothing line is infringing on his client’s trademark, however, he didn’t specifically issue a cease-and-desist on selling the items. Instead, JV's lawyer wants the rap mogul to call his office to discuss the particulars (i.e., JV wants a piece of the profits).

We don't know how much JV is going to get from Birdman. The 47-year-old rap executive told BigBoyTV, that he "generated a couple hundred thousand [dollars]" from the sales of his "Put some respek on it" clothing line. However, he added that all of the proceeds went to charity. Now that's respectful.

Birdman's attorney had no comment on the matter.

What do you think? Should Birdman show some respek and give the clothing designer some money? Tell us in the comments below.