Brian "Birdman" Williams is clearing up comments he made about becoming part owner of the Miami Dolphins team, after the team's owner Stephen Ross disputed his claims. In an interview with New York radio host Angela Yee, Birdman stated that purchasing a stake in the team was "in the works" but came to The BoomBox to clear up the whole misunderstanding.

According to Birdman, he wants to look into buying a stake in the team, but has not yet had a meeting with Ross. "I just think that that would be a great accomplishment for us," he said. "I just hope one day that we can find ourselves to be a part owner of a team. I don't think it should be outta' [the question]. That's something I'd love to do -- buy a football, baseball, basketball, all three if we can. We're financially able to so if the opportunity came. We live in Miami so I don't see why not. But if it's a problem ... the world keeps ticking ain't nothing stop, we do what we do."

Getting into the sports game is just one of the many ventures by which Cash Money is looking to expand their empire. Earlier this year Birdman revealed that he owns an oil company, and is branding a pre-paid credit card, to be released by Lil Wayne's Young Money label imprint.