Birdman has been quiet in his ongoing legal battle with Lil Wayne. Now the Cash Money CEO will address the controversy and other topics in an exclusive interview with Power 105.1 radio personality Angie Martinez.

In a preview of the interview, Baby invites Martinez to his lavish mansion in Miami for dinner and drinks. But don’t get it twisted, the radio veteran doesn’t shy away from asking Birdman the tough questions.

When she asks the 46-year-old rap mogul if Weezy can leave Cash Money with his Young Money artists, Baby insists that he’s keeping his superstar roster. “Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere, regardless,” he states.

Birdman also admitted that Wayne’s lawsuit does hurt him because he still sees him as his son.

Angie Martinez's exclusive interview with Birdman will premiere at 4 p.m. ET on Power 105.1FM.

What do you think of Birdman’s thoughts on his legal battle with Lil Wayne? Tell us in the comments below.

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