Cash Money head honcho Birdman is gearing up for a hot summer. The media mogul is currently prepping the July 7 release of his upcoming album, 'Bigger Than Life,' which spawned the recently leaked lead single 'Get Money' featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Mack Maine, and will include its follow-up 'Why You Mad' featuring Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

While recording the LP, Baby explains that inspiration struck at any given time. "We work whenever we wanna work,' he told MTV News. "We always have to have access to a studio, 24/7. We couldn't be on tour if we didn't have a way to record or if Wayne didn't have it. So whenever we wanna work, we can. That's how we live life: we do how we want to whenever we want to."

'Get Money' offers a glimpse of what listeners can expect on the Young Money ringleader's fifth album. Touting an anthemic beat, the big ballin' tune serves as an ode to his riches. "Shinin' with my strap in my right pocket/ 100,000 a day on that sky rocket/ From 'round the block, doin' this s--- round the clock/ Million dollar n---- doin' this s--- non-stop," he raps.

Aside from focusing on his solo set, the YMCMB overseer is gearing up for the release of Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV,' due May 16. After Weezy's highly anticipated LP drops, the pair will most likely reunite for the sequel to their 2006 collaboration album 'Like Father, Like Son.'

Download 'Get Money' here. (via NahRight)

Watch Birdman's 'Fire Flame' feat. Lil Wayne
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