Birdman may be busy steering the ship over at Cash Money Records and handling Lil Wayne's releases from prison, but he's ready to pick his solo career back up. Baby, who has never released a solo mixtape in his decade-plus in the game, is planning on feeding the streets with two new mixtapes -- 'White Boys' and 'Godfather.'

"I never did one. I always wanted to do one. With Junior being gone, I just wanted to represent my son. We just go hard and go in," he told of the tapes.

DJ Scoob Doo, who helped Weezy popularize his 'Nino Brown' DVD series, will host 'Godfather,' which will be released with an accompanying DVD. "Scoob gets the exclusive. Everyday life, just life, how we breathe, eat. It's nothing we're scripting out. Just turn the camera on," he said.

Birdman also shared that he's waiting for Wayne to get out of jail to put in more work on 'Tha Carter IV' and prep the sequel to the pair's 2006 offering 'Like Father, Like Son,' dropping next year.

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