Who says us regular working Joes are the only ones dealing with heavy debt?

According to The Jasmine Brand, Birdman owes more than $1 million dollars to a construction company for work done on his home. To be exact, he needs to pay up $1,041,750.32 to Zankey Construction Company since they did renovations on his swanky Miami mansion. Now he's been hit with an incredibly high lien as a result of failing to pay his bill.

Based on court papers, the Cash Money Records co-founder failed to pay a $998,700.97 invoice, then ignored another overdue payment of $43,049.35. Back in 2012, Birdman bought the mansion from Russell Weiner, the founder of RockStar energy drink, after borrowing $5 million. Weiner purchased the massive home from Scott Storch in 2012, after it was repossessed for non-payment.

According to Forbes magazine, the New Orleans-bred mogul is worth an estimated $160 million, so it's unclear why he can't simply fork over the money. And at this point, it's unclear whether he's disputing the amount or if he just refuses to pay.

Birdman purchased the mansion for $14.5 million, and it has nine bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a movie theater, out and indoor pools, a spa and 25-foot ceilings. And it's also a waterfront property, which comes with a private dock for a boat or yacht.

The 45-year-old rapper hasn't made a statement yet, and there's nothing to indicate that he's fighting the lien in court. However, that may change now, since the overdue payment has been made public, because nobody wants to be embarrassed, right?

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