The late Notorious B.I.G.'s son Christopher "C.J." Wallace Jr. has announced plans to follow in his father's B.I.G. footsteps and try his hand at rapping. The 12-year-old recently made a trip from Los Angeles, where he lives with his mother, singer Faith Evans, to connect with Diddy's son Christian Combs in NYC.

Diddy introduced the hip hop scions (who look like spitting images of their fathers, i.e. the 'Sky's the Limit' video) to the world via his most recent episode of P.TwittyTV, saying "These are the princes!" and explaining that he has put them through "swag summer school.

"I just finished up with that movie," the cherubic Wallace said, laying out his future plans. "Probably act a little more, I've been rapping a bit, working on a mixtape right now."

"I'm just happy I got my swag back," said a relieved Christian.

Diddy is overseeing the little Biggie's moves for the time being. "We spending time to nurture this legacy so they know really what they need to do when the baton is passed, the torch is passed," he said.

Wallace Jr. has yet to announce a release date for his mixtape.