It's no secret that many rappers dabble in the world of marijuana usage, but Louisiana rapper Big Unk was busted for taking things far beyond what could be considered a personal stash. The E1 Entertainment MC was apprehended by authorities on Jan. 15 on reports of drug dealing. Beaux Bridge Police found 150 pounds of marijuana in Unk's home, arrested him and charged him with intent to distribute illegal drugs.

Big Unk, whose real name is Reggie Smith and also goes by the moniker Mr. Real Estate, has worked with Lil' Boosie, Paul Wall, Gucci Mane and was prepping a new single called 'Too Much Money' with Rick Ross. He will probably remain in a career stalemate moving forward. In addition to the 150 pounds of pot, authorities also nabbed $500,000 worth of jewelry and $72,000 in cash from his residence.

"Everything I rap about is 100 percent truth. So much stuff has gone on in my life that's actually going on now but some parts you should just leave out," Unk told last autumn. "I guess you should learn from the Boosie situation because you shouldn't rap about some of the s---. I got one track that I touch about my situation briefly but the only people who really know about it are the ones that are close to me."

Smith, who previously served time on a felony conviction at the ripe age of 17, began to rap after his release from prison. Now he's on tap for a pretty substantial trial that could land him back behind bars for much longer.