Since the video of Ariana Grande and Big Sean holding hands at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards surfaced, the rumor mill has been on full blast about the two dating. Now the rapper is finally addressing the lady he's been linked to coupling up with.

"I like to keep my personal life personal, you know what I'm saying," he told Ryan Secrest when he stopped by the radio host's show earlier today (Sept. 26). "I am going to tell you this that Ariana is very, very special. And she's very special to me. Everything she has going on is good with her. Everything that I have going on is good with me. Everything between me and her is good, and I'm just gonna leave it at that."

Now that long yet somewhat vague response still seems to hop around the bush, but it seems like there is something really blossoming between the two artists that goes beyond the studio and stage. So we're curious to see how much longer these two will be able to keep there romance on the DL.

His remarks are interesting considering he was very public with his engagement to former fiancee Naya Rivera. The two solidified their plans to get married when Sean popped the question in October 2013. However, in April of this year, they called it quits. Three months after their split, she wed actor Ryan Dorsey.

Aside from all the love talk, Sean and Ryan chatted about his career beginnings and the daily trips the rapper took to Hot 107.5 in Detroit. Sean not only reminisced about those days but also gave thanks for the support that he got from the station, especially when Kanye West came calling.

"They are proud," he said. "They are proud to make that happen. And honestly without that station, not just for doing that every week, but when Kanye called, he called the station. He lost my contact, and the station was like 'Yeah, we have his number, and I'm grateful for them."

Big Sean recently released four new songs, 'Jit/Juke,' '4th Quarter,' 'Paradise' and 'I Don't F--- With You.' The latter is rumored to be aimed at Rivera, however, the MC shot down those rumors.

Watch Big Sean's Interview with Ryan Secrest