In a recent interview with Vogue, Big Sean talked about his fashion influences and the hip-hop legends that have shaped his style. The GOOD music spitter praised the iconic looks of his favorite artists and acknowledged how much they influenced him in his formative years.

“I really liked Nas. I thought his style was really good," Sean shared. "Definitely Tupac and Biggie. To this day, I still rock a Rolex ring; obviously I got that fro Tupac and Biggie. Also Jay Z, Kanye [West], and Pharrell, too. Growing up, all these guys had an impact on me. I see a version of them in myself today.”

Cam'ron in the pink was something special. Nas with the clean minimal look- Carhartt jacket, the NY Timbs, the army green-that was great. Tupac when he wore the Red Wings jersey. Tupac also embraced layering, the leather vests over jerseys. Biggie and Puffy with the suits. All these things left an impression.”

When asked about his ideal outfit for the sage, he discussed his Detroit upbringing and his father’s influence on his style.

“I used to care more about getting too hot on stage, but I now just go straight for the looks. If it looks better in layers, I’m gonna just deal with the heat. I just want to be as memorable on that stage, from the performance to the energy to the interactions to the music, down to the outfit.

"I come from Detroit, and my dad is someone who has amazing style. He’s like a classic Detroit player. My dad would always give me these gifts, like silk pajamas, handmade scarves, and old leather jackets that he’s had all his life. He knows how to wear fur and alligator shoes. I kind of—not inherited that—but grew up with that sense of style. Detroit is a city that has good style and soul. That’s something that I take with me [on the road].”


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