Big Sean paid a visit to Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 recently to elaborate on his short-lived beef with fellow Detroit rapper Danny Brown. As Sean tells it, he got on the phone with Danny right after reading his comments in The FADER interview to confront him. Danny soon apologized for calling him out and then apparently asked why it took Sean so long to hit him up.

I called Danny Brown as soon as I heard that, I called him like a man and was like, "Yo, what's up?" I didn't know him, and not like everybody in Detroit know everybody, but I was like, "man, what you talking about?" That's what's wrong with Detroit n----s: they can't stick together. And then he was just like, "yeah, you're right. I just was saying man, it took this for you to hit me up?" But no, we talked, we worked it out. I got respect for him, whatever, whatever.

"Whatever, whatever"? Despite these few final digs, Sean assures the two worked things out. Lord knows Detroit doesn't need any more grief at this point.