Tastemakers and music lovers gathered in New York Tuesday night (Aug. 6) as G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean hosted a private listening session for his upcoming album, 'Hall of Fame.' While speaking to the crowd about what to expect, he went on a tangent talking to the audience about his confusion at not being recognized as "one of the best rappers" out right now.

"People may not consider Big Sean one of the best rappers because Big Sean's only got one album," Big Sean told media at the Broad Street Ballroom. "You can't never say I've done a feature where somebody's out rapped me ... I'm here for a reason. I wonder why people don't consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers. You might consider J. Cole as one of the best rappers; you might consider Drake as one of the best rappers ... I wonder why people don't respect me as one of the greatest."

The G.O.O.D. Music Def Jam MC seemed heartfelt as he told the room to "shut up" so he could share his perplexed emotions about his reception in hip-hop. As he went on for approximately five minutes, the crowd let out occasional gasps and claps as Big Sean said he hates people checking for him because he's worked with Jay and Kanye. "Every feature is only on this album because they strictly added a different perspective that I didn't add." So, in case you missed it, that means Eminem will not be making any cameos on this upcoming album.

After spending nearly five minutes defending his right to be amongst the best rappers in the game, the Detroit-bred lyricist showed New York's rumor mill what he's made of — one rapper; one album; by himself; all day. Looks like Big Sean is on his Kevin Hart swag!