Word came yesterday that Big Boi's new album will be called Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and if that title suggests drama and intrigue, his just-released "She Said OK" -- possibly the first single -- offers nothing but smoothness.

That and salaciousness. With the help of Theophilus London and Tre Luce, the motormouth Atlanta MC raps in no uncertain terms about what he'd like his lady to do.

"Let me see your titties," the trio implores before the track is even 10 seconds old, and from there, it only gets racier.

Luckily, the vulgarity is undercut by the freaky-deaky guitars and bassline. Big Boi presides over the track like a '70s swinger on a rotating circular zebra-skin bed, and just when modern dread threatens to creep in and spoil the party, the Outkast founder takes a strong whiff of body oil and scented candles and retreats back into the sheets.

"Call me crazy, but these days, it seems like nothing is sacred," he raps. "Oh well, I already got me somebody to play with."

Listen to Big Boi's "She Said OK" Feat. Theophilus London & Tre Luce

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