While fans continue holding their breath for an OutKast reunion, it looks like the best we're gonna get at this point is Big Boi hopping on a remix of a song featuring Andre 3000, as he's doing with Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" and T.I.'s "Sorry." Weird. [RapFix]

Common has planned a busy 2013 release schedule, including an EP due at the end of the month, his first-ever mixtape in April, and an album in September. [FACT]

Hey, it's a new song from Kill Cam. On "You Know This," Cam'ron raps about doing what he does. Not mad. [SoundCloud]

In one of the better interviews we've read in a while, indie rap hero J-Zone talks about his 2011 book Root for the Villain, how he lost his Wikipedia page, and why he quit rap. Always loved Zone. [AVClub]

In her new role as anchor for "Fuse News," Ashanti recently sat down with the ubiquitous 2 Chainz to discuss his career. "I feel like my calling ain't supposed to be the best rapper or the best MC in the world, but my story can inspire somebody not to give up," he explains. Word. [YouTube]

Ab-Soul is reportedly working on a new project called Unit 6 with singer-songwriter JMSN, due some time this year. [HipHopDX]

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