Rapper Big Boi and indie rock band Phantogram have formed like Voltron to create the new group Big Grams. To celebrate their union, they've released their collaboration, “Fell in the Sun.”

This is not your typical rap-rock collaboration as Big Grams' musical hodgepodge is more soulful and flavorful. Over bold production consisting of a hard beat, ticking hi-hats and percussive synths, Big Boi delivers his playeristic rhymes and celebrates his ATL roots.

"I'm just a cool ass n----, put Atlanta on the map / I whip the yellow Cadillac, I like my seats way back / I bust the sunroof open, beams hit the Braves cap / Call me Chief Noc-A-Homa, you can't beat it with a bat / Droppin' bombs, atomic, dog I could never chase the cat / Keep the spotlight on me, it will never fade to black," he spits.

Phantogram's Sarah Barthel adds her angelic voice on the hook, singing, "Melting the ice / We fell in the sun, love / Ain't no surprise / We fell in the, we fell in the, we fell in the sun, love."

Big Grams have completed their self-titled debut EP, which features guest appearances from Run the Jewels and Skrillex. The eponymous seven-song collaboration will arrive in stores on Sept. 25 via Epic Records.

Check out Big Gram's sunshine-y song "Fell in the Sun" below.

Big Grams Track List

1. "Run for Your Life"
2. "Lights On"
3. "Fell in the Sun"
4. "Put It On Her"
5. "Goldmine Junkie"
6. "Born to Shine Feat. Run the Jewels
7. "Drum Machine" Feat. Skrillex

Listen to Big Grams' "Fell in the Sun"

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