Big Boi ran into some red tape with getting his fellow Outkast member Andre 3000, featured on his album 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty,' but the two still managed to work together on the release.

"What happened with that was Jive Records didn't want any songs coming out that was me and Dre together that wasn't [on] Jive Records," he told The BoomBox of why the album doesn't include songs with the duo. "Silly move, but Dre's on the album as a producer and we got a bump full of songs, and I'll put them b----es out one at a time if I want to!" Luckily the track 'Lookin' for Ya,' featuring Andre and Sleepy Brown somehow found its way to the Internet last month, to satisfy the fans going through Outkast withdrawals and since another group album is "definitely" in the works, it just may end up on there.

After several pushbacks, Big Boi was happy to reveal that the project, which also features production credits from Scott Storch, Lil Jon and Organized Noize, is completely ready to go. "It's done. 14 cuts, all brand new music. Featured on the album we got Jamie Foxx,B.o.B., Janelle Monae," he said. "It's all about being original man. That's what I tell a lot of young artists coming up -- know you gotta be original, you'll stand out in the crowd that way. Make sure your heart is in it and you're in it for the right reasons but originality is key."

'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty' hits stores July 6.