Big Boi has garnered utmost respect in the hip-hop community for well over a decade, yet the indie and underground music worlds continue to sing their praises for his unique jams as well. The Outkast rapper was recently announced as a new addition in the Animal Collective-curated lineup at May's version of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Minehead, England.

The gig is essentially the result of Big Boi's 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty' -- a critical success, 2010-list favorite and musical return-to-form for the industry veteran. Daddy Fat Sax will join a crazy lineup for this particular festival, which also includes avant-garde minimalist legend Terry Riley, dub icon Lee Scratch Perry and underground noise mainstays Gang Gang Dance and Black Dice.

All Tomorrow's Parties is an international music festival with a twist. Each version, whether set in England, the Catskill mountains in upstate New York or Australia, features a headliner that gets to choose all the other acts to grace the stages over three days of music. With Animal Collective's patented brand of neo-hippie electronics and Big Boi's emphasis on forward-thinking funk, this should be a great match.

Check out the full lineup here. Animal Collective's ATP goes from May 13-15, 2011.

Watch Big Boi's 'Shutterbug'
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