It's going to be a long five months.

Following Beyonce's surprise announcement on Sunday (Aug. 28) that she's four months pregnant -- news that overshadowed all else at that evening's VMAs -- the world has been unable to talk about anything else. In Taiwan, the crazy-pants computer animators at got straight to work on a video -- you can view the visuals after the jump -- depicting the birth of Beyonce and husband Jay-Z's child, imagining the kid as a sort of pop messiah.

The minute-long clip defies description, but here's a quick synopsis: After Beyonce, who's dressed as the Virgin Mary, delivers in a manger, a proud Jay-Z presents his progeny to paparazzi photographers -- the modern equivalent, it seems, of the three wise men.

Later, Kanye West drops by, leaving a "best pregnancy of all time" sign on B's belly, and then the action shifts to the future, as the little tyke tries its hand at rapping like dad and dancing like mom.

Toward the end of the clip, a suspiciously light-skinned Nicki Minaj plays nanny, changing a diaper while the voiceover narration stops speculating on which vocation the child will choose -- rapper or pop star -- and drops a nugget of truth.

"Whatever the case, one thing is for certain," the English subtitles read. "This baby will be stinking rich."

Watch's Animated Depiction of the Birth of Beyonce's Child