While the rest of the music industry searches for the next Beyoncé, her father Mathew Knowles hopes to continue his family's hit-making legacy on his own Music World label.

"I want Music World to be known for the same thing Destiny's Child is known for -- artist development and having great songs," he tells AOL Music. According to Knowles, that development entails the performers coming to the label's Houston headquarters for thirty days of instruction. "We've taken them through vocal lessons, choreography, team-building exercises and all the fundamental things an artist needs to be successful," he says.

The Music World roster includes R&B acts Sunshine Anderson, Next and Dionne Farris plus new teen idols 2 Much, J Xavier and Mic Little. There's even something for those not quite old enough for iPods, namely the 'Kids Rap Radio' CD series.

"I don't want my grandson Jules, at two years old, to hear all of the lyrics of some of the rap songs," Knowles says. "So, we thought, 'What if we kept the tracks and the choruses as close [to the originals as possible] but change up the lyrics so that it's kid-friendly, parent-friendly, teacher-friendly?' That's what 'Kids Rap Radio' is all about, and we've had an overwhelming response because no one has done this in hip-hop."

'Kids Rap Radio' and 'Holiday Kids Rap Radio' are in stores now.