Even though Beyoncé scored a whopping nine Grammy nominations in the R&B, rock, rap and pop categories, there was one category that she didn't get into.

According to the Associated Press, Bey's song "Daddy Lessons" was turned down by the nominating committee for Best Country Song and Country Solo, but the source didn't indicate why, or if it fell outside of a certain criteria.

Even though it's hard to pick just one standout cut on Mrs. Carter's Lemonade album, "Daddy Lessons" is in its own class, simply due to the different musical approach Bey went with. In fact, the cut was so left of what the singer usually does, it almost didn't make the album.

"I'm really happy about the song, because a lot of people told her that she shouldn't put it on the album, because it didn't fit, and that it sounded too much like a country-western song," said Beyoncé's mom Tina Lawson in an interview with Essence. "So I'm really happy that she stuck to her guns."

Mrs. Lawson also said that "Daddy Lessons" is one of her favorite songs on Lemonade, and it satisfies her occasional desire to hear country music.

"For one thing, I'm from Texas, so I like country-western music," she explained. "Even though I don't necessarily go out and buy it, I do listen to it, and it's definitely been a part of my life, because I am from Texas. The beat, the message in the song, the soulfulness of it ... It reminds me of the blues. Everything came from the blues, and you can hear the influence."

If you recall, Beyoncé performed the beloved cut at the 2016 Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks and completely brought the house down.

You can see that performance below, and maybe in the future we'll get a reason  why "Daddy Lessons" wasn't at least nominated in the country music category.

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