A Beyonce hit just isn't the same without a video to accompany the song. Check out the BoomBox's five favorite Beyonce videos.

1. 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)'

This video from the dancing diva became a YouTube sensation when fans turned on their flipcams and digital video camcorders to offer up their version of Bey's 'Single Ladies' moves.

2. 'Sweet Dreams'

Admittedly a departure from some of her more popular videos, Beyonce dances through her dream/nightmare in the Adria Petty-directed video.

3. 'Diva'

Continuing the " dancing in leotards" craze, Beyonce proves to be a diva with bold accessories [see: intense platform booties, interesting eyewear and sharp-edged padded shoulders on jackets].

4. 'Crazy in Love'

Beyonce stood strong on her own in the video for the debut single off her first solo effort 'Dangerously in Love.'

5. 'Irreplaceable'

Beyonce had girls across the globe singing "to the left, to the left" when she released the 2006 hit off her sophomore solo album, 'B'Day.'