Diva of destiny Beyonce is in the midst of performing four intimate nights at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City -- to a consistently packed house of fans. But according to Perez Hilton there was one thing just a little off -- the former Destiny's Child frontwoman was using a teleprompter.

Artists have used sheet music, teleprompters, lyrics sheets and more onstage -- which isn't unusual -- but even the momentary conversation King B had with the audience was scripted. Perez Hilton quotes one of his readers in attendance of the concert last night (Aug. 17) as saying:

"It was so distracting that for the first few songs everyone in my immediate area was watching the screen talking the script out loud before she was. It became especially ironic/humorous when she was talking about becoming an actress yet she's reading off of a prompter instead of memorizing the damn words."

Check out a few pictures of Beyonce using the teleprompter here. Do you think she should have relied on her natural stage presence? Or was she really drawing a blank?