Glastonbury, the U.K.'s biggest and most renown music festival, is rolling out the big guns for its 2011 lineup. With Coldplay already announced as headliner's for the 3-day summer party, rumors are swirling that U2 and Beyonce will also take to the fest's main Pyramid Stage.

While each rumored band is currently in limbo working on new projects, and not exactly promoting a new album, they are arguably the three biggest acts in the world right now. U2 canceled their headlining set last year, when frontman Bono came down with severe back injury that required surgery. Beyonce isn't too much of a far stretch from the usually rock-centric Glasto lineup. R&B legend Stevie Wonder closed out the festival last year, while her husband of almost three years, Jay-Z, dealt with the intense scrutiny of being the first hip-hop act to headline the rock festival in 2008, and pulled it off with flying colors after taking the stage singing Oasis' 'Wonderwall.' Beyonce, in comparison, is a wild force to be reckoned with when on stage. Amidst the multiple outfit changes and backup dancers, Sasha Fierce dances in stilettos while singing and holding high notes, that's both jaw-dropping and immensely fun to watch.

While this rumor began via, the fest's promoter Michael Eavis has dropped clues. "There's an American artist that I've been wanting to have for years and yonks and yonks and yonks," he told NME of the other 2011 headliner.

Glastonbury goes off June 22-24 in at Worthy Farm, Pilton, some an hour outside of London.

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